Preliminary Program 2020

Thursday November 26th 
09.50-10.00Welcoming and opening of the meeting
10.00-12.00Parallel sessions
10.00-12.00Room A - Pediatric IBD
Moderators: Petter Malmborg and Pernilla Stenström
10.00-12.00Room B - Surgery in IBD
Moderators:Mattias Block and Tom Øresland
10.00-12.00Room C - Nordic research collaboration
Moderators: Susanna Jäghult and Jonas Halfvarson

13.00Session 1
13.00-13.20Controversies in IBD
Joana Torres
13.30-13.50Opportunities and challenges of precision
medicine in IBD

Subatra Gosh
14.00-14.20Pain in IBD, mechanisms and treatment
Asbjørn Drewes
14.30-14.50Coffe break
14.50-15.50MDT/consultants Corner 1
Moderator: Michael Eberhardsson
15.50-16.40Oral presentation of five selected posters
16.40-16.50Bio Break
16.50-17.35Satellite symposium 1
17.40-18.25Satellite symposium 2
18.25Adjourn & Mingle
20.00Dinner at the Hotel
Friday November 27th 
08.00-08.45Satellite symposium 3
08.45-09.35Satellite symposium 4
09.40Session 2
09.40-10.00 Prediction and prevention of IBD
Jean-Frédéric Colombel
10.00-10.10 Discussion
10.10-10.30 Coffe Break
10.30-11.05 Tandem talk; surveillance in IBD
Claes-Göran af Björkestam and
Michael Bretthauer
11.05-11.25 Can we abandon endoscopy
Charlotte Hedin
11.25-11.35 Discussion
11.35-11.55 How to manage fatigue in IBD
Wladxia Czuber-Docha
11.55-12.05 Discussion
12.05-13.00 Lunch
13.00Session 3
13.00-13.20 FODMAP as treatment in IBD
Linnea Danielsson
13.20-13.30 Discussion
13.30-13.50 Exclusion diet in Crohn’s disease
Anne Pohju
13.50-14.00 Discussion
14.00-14.20 De-escalating strategies
Jean-Frédéric Colombel
14.20-14.30 Discussion
14.30-14.50 Coffe Break
14.50-15.50 MDT/Consultants corner 2
Moderator: Ebbe Langholz
15.50 Best poster award
16.00 Adjourn