Welcoming and opening of the meeting – Tom Øresland

MDT:Consultants Corner 1 – Ebbe Langholz

Treat to target, but what’s the target? – Geert D’Haens

Towards personalized anti –TNF in Crohn’s disease; lessons from the PANTS cohort – Tariq Ahmad

Thiopurines pro – con debate – Jørn Brynskov and Pauliina Molander

Therapeutic drug monitoring in clinical practice – Casper Steenholdt

Satellite Symposium 1 – Janssen

Satellite Symposium 2 -Takeda

Satellite Symposium 3 – Tillotts Pharma

Quality Standards of Care – Susanna Jäghult

Oral presentation of 5 selected posters

New drugs – new targets, losers and winners – Tim Raine

Management of complications of PSC – Annika Bergquist

Is PSC still the black box of Hepatology? What is new in research on etiology? – Espen Melum

How to interpret pharma studies – Jan Marsal

Fibrosis in Crohn’s disease – Gerhard Rogler

Diagnosis and follow-up of patients diagnosed with PSC – Martti Färkkilä

Checkpoint inhibitors and colitis – Michael Eberhardson and Jakob Seidelin

Biomarkers playing a different role in the future – Jonas Halfvarson

Best poster award

Adjourn – Tom Øresland