ThursdayNovember 10
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 08.30
11.00Satellite symposium 1 – Janssen
Current and emerging therapies in Crohn’s disease

Introduction (Jonas Halfvarson)
11.10Unmet medical needs in Crohn’s disease management (Michael Eberhardsson)
11.30Emerging therapies (Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet)
11.50Q&A and discussion
13.00Opening of the meeting
Tom Øresland
Session 1
Moderators: Olof Grip and Tom Øresland
13.05The interface of IBS and IBD (Hans Strid)
13.25The microbiome and mucosal immunity in IBD (Maria Abreu)
13.45Stem cell transplantation (Chris Hawkey)
14.05 Extraintestinal problems in IBD, how to treat, can they be avoided? (Johannes R Hov)
14.25Quality of Care (L. Peyrin-Biroulet)
14.45Coffee break
Session 2 – Treatment strategies
Moderators: Torben Knudsen and Stefan Lindgren
15.15Do biosimilars change our strategies? (Bjørn Moum)
15.35Combination treatments – benefits and risks (L. Peyrin-Biroulet)
15.55Second line therapies in acute ulcerative colitis (Eduard Stange)
16.15How to optimize anti-TNF therapy (Iris Dotan)
16.35Minimizing risks of biologicals (Iris Dotan)
17.00Satellite symposium 3 – AbbVie
IBD2020 – Improving Quality of Care in IBD
(Stefan Lindgren, Iris Dotan, Jonas Halfvarson)
20.00Dinner at Hotel Hilton Slussen Stockholm
FridayNovember 11
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 07.30
08.00Satellite symposium 4 – Takeda
Long-Term Management and Real World Experience with Vedolizumab in IBD

Moderator: Jonas Halfvarson
08.10Aiming for long-term remission for patients with moderate to severe Crohn´s disease – how to use personalized medicine and when to switch mode of action
(Michael Eberhardson)
08.30Real world experience with vedolizumab in Crohn´s disease and ulcerative colitis (Gert van Assche)
08.50Discussion and conclusions (Jonas Halfvarson)
09.00Presentation of five selected posters
Moderator Tom Øresland
Session 3
Moderators: Marie Carlson and Bjørn Moum
09.30Biologicals, how good are they?
The story from trials (Eduard Stange)
The real world story (Gert Van Assche)
10.10Coffee break
10.50The IBD exposome and genome (Séverine Vermeire)
11.10Evolving trends in IBD surgery (Pär Myrelid)
11.30Tandem Talk: Novel therapies in IBD, the immunologist meets the gastroenterologist (Ola Winqvist, Jonas Halfvarson)
Session 4
Moderators: Olof Grip and Torben Knudsen
13.10Fecal transplantation – a blind end? (Séverine Vermeire)
13.30Iron and IBD – what we need to know (Stefan Lindgren)
13.50SWIBREG – What’s in it, how can we use it? (Pär Myrelid)
14.10Biomarkers for diagnosis and monitoring (Jonas Halfvarson)
14.30Coffee break
Session 5
Moderators: Marie Carlson and Jonas Halfvarson
15.00How to define endoscopic activity in IBD (Gert Van Assche)
15.20The use of biologicals during pregnancy and lactation (Maria Abreu)
15.55Best poster award (Olof Grip, Jonas Halfvarson)