Program 2017

ThursdayOctober 5
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 08.30
10.00Satellite symposium – AbbVie
Keep CALM and treat to target
Jean-Frederic Colombel, Jonas Halfvarson
10.45Opening of the meeting
Tom Øresland
10.50Session 1
Moderators: Einar Bjørnsson, Hans Strid
10.50Defect colonic mucus as primary ulcerative colitis cause – are there any therapeutic possibilities?
Gunnar Hansson
11.10The role of the mesentery in Crohn’s disease
Christianne Buskens
11.30Multidimensional markers of risk in families of IBD patients
Charlotte Hedin
12.45Session 2
Moderators: Ebbe Langholz, Tom Øresland
12.45The preclinical phase of IBD – road to prevention?
Jean-Frederic Colombel
13.10Appendectomy for sustained remission in UC
Christianne Buskens
13.30Surgery in Crohns disease after the introduction of biological treatment
Bjørn Moum
13.50Non resectional surgery for Crohn's disease
Anthony de Buck van Overstraeten
14.10Prevention of post-operative recurrence in Crohn
Edouard Louis
14.30Coffee break
15.00Session 3
Moderators: Einar Bjørnsson, Michael Eberhardson
15.00Treatment de-escalation in Crohn
Edouard Louis
15.20-15.40Inflammatory bowel disease and intestinal cancer
Tine Jess
15.45-16.30Satellite symposium – Takeda
When to swap or switch? – are all biologics the same in the long run?
Chair: Jonas Halfvarson, Sweden.
Speakers: Edouard Louis, Belgium, Bjørn Moum, Norway.
16.35-17.20Satellite symposium – Janssen
Treating the patients of tomorrow
Speakers: Michael Eberhardson, Jörgen Jahnsen
17.25Adjourn & mingle
20.00Dinner at Hotel Hilton Slussen Stockholm

FridayOctober 6
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 07.30
08.15Satellite symposium – MSD
New Insights and Technologies to improve Management and Outcomes in UC Patient
Chair: Michael Eberhardson
Speakers: Gert Van Assche, Belgium, Walter Reinisch, Austria
09.00Presentation of five selected abstracts
Tom Øresland
09.30Session 4
Moderators: Susanna Jäghult, Hans Strid
09.30The transanal/single port IPAA technique
Anthony de Buck van Overstraeten
09.50Anti-IL-12/23 therapies in IBD
Arthur Kaser
10.10Coffee break
10.50Session 5
Moderators: Ebbe Langholz, Einar Bjørnsson
10.50How deep is deep? Endoscopic, transmural and histological healing
Gert van Assche
11.10Risks associated with anti-TNF in patients with IBD
Tine Jess
11.30Tandem talk
A gastroenterolist meets an immunologist: Monitoring biological therapy

Taina Sipponen and Sakari Jokiranta
13.10Session 6
Moderators: Hans Strid, Susanna Jäghult
13.10Fatigue in IBD
Palle Bager
13.30Affordable health care? Costs and benefits of our treatments
Gert van Assche
13.50Environment – gene interaction conspiring in the mucosa to trigger IBD
Arthur Kaser
14.10Do immune-modulators alter long term surgical outcomes in IBD
Richard Pollok
14.30Coffee break
15.00Session 7
Moderators: Jonas Halfvarson, Ebbe Langholz
15.00Microscopic colitis – what is new?
Andreas Munch
15.20Steroids, use and misuse in IBD
Richard Pollok
15.50Best poster award
Tom Øresland