Program – IBD Nordic Conference 2018

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ThursdayOctober 11
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 08.30
10.00-10.45Satellite symposium 1 – Nordic and European perspectives on electronic monitoring in IBD registries
SWIBREG. Moderator Jonas Halfvarsson.
10.45Opening of the meeting
Tom Øresland
SESSION 1 – Moderators: Michael Eberhardson and Bjørn Moum
10.50Has the disease course of IBD changed
in the biological era

Johan Burisch, Denmark
11.15IBD in the elderly, an epidemiologists view
Åsa Hallqvist Everhov, Sweden
11.40Tandem talk on environmental and genetic factors
Mauro D’Amato, Sweden & Jonas Halfvarson, Sweden
SESSION 2 – Moderators: Taina Sipponen and Tom Øresland
13.20Paediatric IBD phenotype: Differences between children and adults
Kaija-Leena Kolho, Finland
13.45Where are we with defensins
Eduard Stange, Germany
14.10Tandem talk on perianal Crohn’s disease
Christianne Buskens, The Netherlands & Eduard Stange, Germany
14.50Coffee break with poster exhibitions
SESSION 3 – Moderators: Hans Strid and Einar Bjørnsson
15.20What are the problems with current design of IBD trials?
Peter Irving, UK
15.45Diagnostic delay in Crohn’s disease
Silvio Danese, Italy
16.10Oral presentation of 5 selected posters
Moderator: Jonas Halfvarson
16.50-17.35Satellite symposium 2 – Pfizer
Next step in UC treatement

Silvio Danese
17.40-18.25Satellite symposium 3 – Janssen
Predicting response to treatment

Lena Öhman, Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Institute of Biomedicine, University of Gothenburg and Bram Verstockt, KU leuven, Belgium
18.25Adjourn & mingle
20.00Dinner at the Hotel

FridayOctober 12
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 08.30
08.45Satellite symposium 4 – Takeda
Mucosal healing in the real world – global and Nordic perspectives on the impact of anti-integrins

Jonas Halfvarson, Sweden
Ailsa Hart, UK
SESSION 4 – Moderators: Bjørn Moum and Michael Eberhardson
09.30Fecal microbiota transplantation in IBD
Ailsa Hart, UK
09.55IBD surgery in children
Pernilla Stenström, Sweden
10.20Coffee break with poster exhibitions
SESSION 5 – Moderators: Susanna Jäghult and Hans Strid
10.50MDT Conference
Ebbe Langholz (Denmark) together with Christianne Buskens, Ailsa Hart, Taina Sipponen, Bjørn Moum
12.00Education of IBD nurses
Karen Kemp, UK
13.25CAM in IBD
Randi Opheim, Norway
13.50Pathogenesis of Crohns’ fistula – Treatment strategies
Phil Tozer, UK
14.15Coffee break
SESSION 6 – Moderators: Taina Sipponen and Einar Bjørnsson
14.45Diet as a trigger or therapy
Arie Levine, Israel
15.05Selected reproduction issues in patients with IBD
Bente Nørgård, Denmark
15.50Best poster award
Presenter: Susanna Jäghult