Parallel sessions 2019

Advanced topics in IBD Care

This session will provide you with education concerning advanced topics in IBD Care and according to the N-ECCO Consensus Statements. You will get valuable information and tools concerning how to act in specific clinical situations. For example:

  • The Advanced IBD Nurse assesses understanding and, informed by current evidence, provides education to patients with IBD and their significant others based on individual needs, preferences and coping ability, aiming to empower the patient to live well with IBD.
  • The Advanced IBD Nurse can direct the patient toward trusted sources of educational materials.
  • The Advanced IBD Nurse plays a key role in the IBD MDT when caring for complex patients, and will be able to assess the patient’s care needs and refer them on, if needed.


The success of Nordic collaboration – lessons from PSC
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC), strongly associated with IBD is a relatively uncommon disorder. However, among patients undergoing a liver transplantation in the Nordic countries, PSC is a relatively common indication.

The Nordic countries, particularly Norway, Sweden and Finland have contributed immensely to the scientific knowledge on this enigmatic chronic liver disease. Three well recognized researchers in the field of PSC will expand the scientific front of PSC at the Nordic IBD symposium: Espen Melen from Norway, Annika Begquist from Sweden and Martti Farkkila from Finland


Hot topics in IBD surgery  

This session will cover the most pertinent issues of today.  Christianne Buskens from Amsterdam will discuss the role of the appendix in UC and the mesentery in CD, implications for us surgeons?. Anders Tøttrup will present new data on transanal pouch surgery and Athony de Buck will tell us what to do with the left behind rectum. We will end the session with a discussion on where and by whom IBD surgery should be performed, Hans Wsmuth will give us the background figures.
Gastroenterologist and nurses are most welcome!