Quiz IBD Nordic Conference 2019 – Right answers!

1) What year was Turning Torso completed?
Answer: 2005

2) Malmö became swedish after the peace treaty at Roskilde. Which year?
Answer: 1658

3) Against which team did Malmö FF loose in Champions League football in 1979?
Answer: Nottingham Forest FC

4) How many participants has registered to IBD Nordic Conference 2019?
Answer: More than 325

5) Which year was the first year the IBD Nordic Conference was organized and in which city?
Answer: Stockholm 2016

6) Swedish crime author Henning Mankell plces his stories in “skånska” Ystad. What is the name of his main character?
Answer: Kurt Wallander

7) How many patients is currently registered in SWIBREG, Swedish Inflammatoy Bowel Disease Registry?:
Answer: 48 742

8) Which year was Öresundsbron ready to use?
Answer: 2000

9) Which district in Malmö did Zlatan grow up in?
Answer: Rosengård

10) What diagnosis does Saga Norén gas, that acts in the Swedish-Danish television called “Bron”??
Answer: Aspbergers syndrom

11) What proportion of Swedish export products is made up by medicine (in %)?
Answer: 6%

12) Which minister is primarly responsible for health care in Sweden?
Answer: Lena Hallengren

13) What last name is most frequent at Mediahuset, the organizers of IBD Nordic Conference?
Answer: Lundblad

14) What are the 4 main ingredients in the “skånska” traditional cake “Spettekaka”?
Answer: Butter, sugar, eggs and potato fluor